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About Dogs with Jobs

Dog trainer training dog to detect narcotics

What is Dogs with Jobs?

We are an award-winning American, woman-owned small business based in California's Central Valley, offering a comprehensive range of dog-training services. We serve the whole U.S. West and are available internationally.

Dogs with Jobs believes that all dogs have a purpose. If that purpose is a job, we want to help make that happen. We take pride in concentrating on rescuing or repurposing dogs to their forever job. Let us help your programs be more effective and accurate.

Dog trained to detect cork taint with wine corks

Rescue organizations we partner with:

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Owner Debi DeShon

Debi DeShon

Dogs with Jobs Founder

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Who is Dogs with Jobs?

Based on 25 years of experience, Debi DeShon founded Mussel Dogs in 2008 and expanded to Dogs with Jobs in 2017 to meet the increasing need for conservation canines. Debi is passionate about animals and our environment. Her background and experience includes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and Management from UC Davis

  • Associates degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College

  • Launched her career in Hollywood training dogs for television and such iconic movies as "Beethoven"

  • Canine handler and owner of Interquest Detection Canines of Central Valley since 1999

  • founded Mussel Dogs in 2008 and expanded to Dogs with Jobs in 2017

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We're not just a dog-training business, we're also an award winning dog-service provider in our training areas, particularly mussel detection. Please visit us at to learn more about our mussel-detection services.

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