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DWJ Dog Training

What We Do

Dogs with Jobs works with a variety clients, such as Universities, zoos, State and Federal agencies. We can train canines to detect whatever you are looking for to learn more about a species, or to keep them from being introduced to an area.

We have over 26 years of experience in the detection canine field. We are one of the first conservation canine companies, started in 2008, with mussel detection dogs to prevent the spread of quagga and zebra mussels.

Mussel Detection dog illustration

Invasive Mussel Detection

Detection of Eurasian Quagga and Zebra mussels represents the biggest invasive species challenge in the western U.S., and is our area of expertise! Our dogs service public lakes and reservoirs ensuring each boat is free and clear. Visit our sister site at!

Endangered species detection illustration

Endangered Species Detection

Have an elusive or hard to find species you want to learn about? Want to find nesting sights? We love a good challenge to help our endangered species thrive. See more about our success with the Marbled Murrelet Project.

Narcotics detection dog illustration

Narcotics Detection

No drugs get past our sniffers! Every year narcotic detecting dogs successfully identify hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal drugs. We train dogs to detect narcotics. Our graduates are leaders in this effort!

Cork taint detection illustration

Cork Taint Detection

Wineries and vinyards can suffer from contamination of brettanomyces and TCA. A U.S. Federal Science study found that "any small improvement in the [detection] process could represent a savings of a billions dollars." We offer dog training to detect cork taint.

PTSD service dog illustration

PTSD Service Dogs

We appreciate the challenge of coping with and seeking to overcome traumatic stresses and in many cases a PTSD certified service-dog is a very meaningful companion and treatment. We train service dogs to support individuals with PTSD.

Training dog handlers illustration

Training Dog Handlers

Most of all, our dogs are versatile! We lead program capacity building, training up your teams, individual handlers, and dogs. We train for a range of services.

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Tell us your mission so we can make it ours!

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